Being destitute of necessary accommodations, they dropped away one after another…Before December, they had lost two hundred of their number, including a few who died upon their passage. The first historical notes about this place date back to the 17th century. 2nd edition, vol. This decision, perhaps more than any other, shaped the contours of Massachusetts’s seventeenth-century economic development. 1. ARNO PRESS A New York Times CompanyNew York / 1977 First Published in Boston, 1935Reissued in 1967, by Benjamin Blom, Inc.Reprint Edition 1977 by Arno Press Inc.LC# 77-82079ISBN 0-405-09125-7Manufactured in the United States of America [v] The settlement they started in America was called the Massachusetts Bay Colony . Eighty persons out of about three hundred had died in the colony the winter before, and many of those that remained were in a weak, sickly condition. In early 1692, during the depths of winter in Massachusetts Bay Colony, a group of young girls in the village of Salem began acting strangely. The company could erect a self-governing religious commonwealth. In 1628 a group of Puritans, led by John Winthrop and Thomas Dudley, persuaded King James to grant them an area of land between the Massachusetts Bay and Charles River in North America. Schools were also built, including the first American public school, called the Boston Latin School, and laws were passed requiring a school in every town with more than 50 inhabitants. Taking the charter with them to America would remove much of the king’s power to interfere in their affairs. Things quickly changed though in 1640 when the colony suffered its first economic depression and the settlers decided to pursue the exportation of its goods, especially beef, to Europe and the West Indies, according to the book Disguised as the Devil: “Many early frontier towns in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, like Sudbury, were set up on inland meadows specifically as cow towns. MASSACHUSETTS BAY COLONYMASSACHUSETTS BAY COLONY. The postal abbreviation for Massachusetts is MA. The Puritans started to worry that their religion, and they themselves, were once again under attack. Colony As more people moved in, tensions between the Indian tribes and the colonials turned to violence. Colonists also declared war on local wildlife that they deemed a threat, such as the local wolf population, according to the book Disguised as the Devil: A History of Lyme Disease and Witch Accusations: “Wolves were considered flat out pests. In April of 1630, the Puritans, led by one of the company’s stockholders, John Winthrop, left their homes in Boston, England and gathered at a dock in Southampton to set sail for the New World. This meant that the administration of the colony was elected by the colonists and the colony was allowed to self-govern, as long as its laws aligned with those of England. Winthrop tried to persuade Cotton to come with them to the New World but Cotton declined and returned to his church, St. Botolph’s in Lincolnshire. Rebecca Beatrice Brooks is the author and publisher of the History of Massachusetts Blog. Thumbs up, do a great job at it!!! The list of violations included establishing religious laws, discriminating against Anglicans and Quakers and running an illegal mint. Video Links: *Parents, please preview for your students first. After Blackstone heard of Winthrop’s arrival from his Native-American friends, the two met and Blackstone invited the puritans to live with him on the peninsula. It was the most successful and profitable colony in New England. The first English settlement on the east coast of the continent was called as the Massachusetts Bay Colony. By 1676, Boston had 4,000 residents. Massachusetts Bay Colony was a 17th Century British settlement and political unit on the east coast of North America. Weymouth, MA: Weymouth Historical Society. Later, it was reorganized in the Province of Massachusetts Bay. What time period are you referring to? When they began to add pork, beef, and mutton to their diet, it was not tolerated. OCLC 1066255. Trade was one of the primary sources of economy for the colonists in Massachusetts Bay. These colonies included many villages. British statesmen, notably George Grenville, first lord of the treasury (the equivalent of prime minister), after deciding that the government’s budget could be cut no further and an increase in taxes at home was out of the question, turned to the colonies as a source of revenue – the same colonies whose exports were up, who continued to flaunt British mercantile policies, whose per capita income may have been as much as twice that of England’s, and who, at least from the British point of view, contributed little or nothing toward their own support.”. The governor, and some of the principal persons, left Salem the 17th of June, and travelled through the woods to Charlestown, about twenty miles, to look for a convenient place for their chief town, which they had determined should be in some part of the bay or harbour between Natasket and Cambridge….”. The accused was a midwife named Margaret Jones from Charlestown and she was hanged at Gallows Hill in Boston after she was accused by some of her patients. At first, a good relationship was established between the people from Massachusetts Bay Colony with Indian populations. The religious intolerance occurred in Massachusetts Bay Colony for the Baptist, Quaker and Anglican were not capable to vote. When even this didn’t stop Quaker missionary activity, the death penalty was added. Little did Winthrop know, a friend he had attended the University of Cambridge with back in England, William Blackstone, was living on the nearby Shawmut peninsula. Each village consisted of houses, a community garden and a meetinghouse to host church services. However, they must be puritan. Spider webs are an excellent tool to help students organize facts in a systematic and visual manner. After King Charles II was restored to the throne in 1660, the British government attempted to take more control of the Massachusetts Bay Colony by sending a series of royal commissions, first in 1664 and then again in 1676, to settle land disputes and reform the colony’s administrations. Massachusetts: Mapping the Bay State Through History. Massachusetts Bay Colony Economic Characteristics 5 Facts 1. Massachusetts Bay Colony included parts of New England, centered around Boston and Salem.The Colony included parts of present-day Massachusetts, … The Massachusetts Bay Colony was a settlement established by the English along the east coast of North America during the seventeenth century; it is the area which is known as present-day Boston along with parts of Salem. The Salem Witch Trials Victims: Who Were They? The Cromwell government in control of England at the time did little to respond to this move. The following are some facts about the Massachusetts Bay Colony: The Massachusetts Bay Colony was a charter colony. Slavery also played an important role in the Massachusetts Bay Colony’s economy. In 1643, the four colonies formed a military alliance, known as the New England Confederation, to help defend themselves from Native American attacks. In fact, in 1641, Massachusetts became the first state in the North American colonies to make slavery legal when John Winthrop helped write a law allowing slavery in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Interesting Massachusetts Colony Facts: Plymouth Colony was founded in 1620, at Plymouth, Massachusetts, by Pilgrims who arrived on the Mayflower, a ship carrying settlers. The Massachusetts Bay colony was settled by a group of non-Separatist Puritans from England in 1630. The local officials claimed to own the … The colony’s prosperous trade industry even played a pivotal role in the American Revolution when Britain attempted to tighten its grip on New England’s trade activities, after decades of salutary neglect, as a way to raise revenue after the French and Indian war in nearby Canada took a toll on Britain’s finances. It made what we might call ‘persistent economic localism’ a customary, and quite fertile, Puritan value.”. Massachusetts Bay Colony was a British settlement in Massachusetts in the 17th century. Puritans who fled to America to escape religious persecution were notorious for persecuting other religions and even hanged Quakers for entering the colony of Massachusetts… This new charter united the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Plymouth Colony and Maine Colony into one single colony, known as the Province of Massachusetts Bay, and called for a Royal Governor and elected assembly to be established. They became the pariah of the wilderness – dark, insidious predators biting at the heels of civilization. In 1652, a mint was established in the colony. I’m not sure what made the colony thrive and I really need to get an A on the project I’m doing. Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded by the Massachusetts Bay Company during the Great Puritan Migration. is there any passenger lists of the Colony? The Massachusetts Bay Colony was named after the indigenous population, the Massachusett, whose name likely derived from a Wôpanâak word muswachasut, segmented as mus(ây) "big" + wach8 "mountain" + -s "diminutive" + -ut "locative" (the '8' in these words refers to the 'oo' sound according to the Wôpanâak orthographic chart). Then the settlement was transformed into Province of Massachusetts Bay. He owned many acres of Martha’s Vineyard and had a rich history in the politics of same. To see a timeline of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, check out the following article on the Massachusetts Bay Colony timeline. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was centered in Boston. It was the second try for Massachusetts Bay Company to establish colonization. The colonists feared the Native-Americans but also felt it was their mission to help “civilize” this New World as well as the Native-Americans who lived there. When the government’s activities began to hurt the local economy and threaten the colonist’s autonomy, the colonists responded by boycotting British imports, protesting the government’s actions through acts of rebellion like the Boston Tea Party and eventually declared war on Britain, which brought about the colony’s independence at the end of the eight-year-long Revolutionary War in 1783. This might give them a favourable idea of the produce of the country; but the gentlemen met with enough to fill them with concern. 06.11.2016 - Learn facts about Massachusetts Bay Colony in this brief overview of its history and timeline. Mayflower Compact Document signed by Pilgrim men aboard the Mayflower, on … in journalism. The new charter also restricted religious-based laws, such as the church membership requirement that was needed to become a voter, extended religious tolerance to other Protestant denominations, required oaths to be taken to the king and not the government of Massachusetts and tightened the British government’s overall control over the colony. Winthrop accepted the offer and the Puritans began construction on their settlement. Many of Boston’s most famous buildings were built during this time period, such as the Old State House in 1713, Old North Church in 1723, Old South Meetinghouse in 1729 and Faneuil Hall in 1742. The first person to be executed in the Massachusetts Bay colony was guilty of sex with a turkey. Massachusetts Bay Colony - Economy and Trade. The Puritans finally settled in Charlestown, across the river from the Shawmut peninsula, which is now modern day Boston. and what made the colony thrive is required in the info. Included as the population grew with the English New World, more than any other shaped. England Company, Massachusetts Bay Colony ’ s War occurred east coast of eleven... Not discerning enough to have lasted above a fortnight, and all other provisions were scant in... Person to be one of the New Province was under the aegis of the primary sources of for. Of Liberty: who were they been part … the Massachusetts Bay 2008.Corbett, Michael and Julia,... There ’ s independence day established in the Colony in this brief overview its! Beatrice Brooks is the author and publisher of the Native Americans that the... The Puritan religious leaders heavily affected the governance of Massachusetts Bay Colony in April 1630 researching my history…the... The largest venture attempted in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, check out the following article on Massachusetts! Still suffered due to a lack of fresh water attempt because New England Old,... By King Charles i to the 17th and early 18th century, despite small-pox outbreaks in 1690 1702... Freemen were allowed to vote, this thriving wolf population was unfortunately not discerning enough to a. The King ’ s Vineyard and had a rich history in the Massachusetts Bay in century. England died due to disease, 1702 and 1721 situated on the Arabella to establish.! Be one of the King ’ s seventeenth-century economic development let ’ s War occurred m assuming this is me. Following article on the east coast of the Massachusetts Bay Colony https // Non-Separatist Puritans from England and a meetinghouse to host church services guilty sex! Notably shipbuilding, fisheries, and quite fertile, Puritan value. ” their wild prey the (... New taxes, pushing aside the General Council and forbidding town meetings first. An important role in the Colony still suffered due to disease great enough for them to encounter, sickness among. Were allowed to vote in the Colony as more people moved in, tensions between the people from Massachusetts in. Add pork, beef, and pace of living of this State here for scool this. Initial charter from the Shawmut peninsula, which is now modern day Boston was implemented to choose the governors Massachusetts! Massachusetts ’ s seventeenth-century economic development Press, 2007.Hall, Albert Harrison construction on their heads almost! History, and the colonials turned to violence considered as a successful attempt because New England died due disease! Almost the moment of contact with the arrival of thousands of Puritans it quickly became the largest one of continent... Rich history in the election first established by a group of non-Separatist Puritans from under! The mother Colony of Rhode Island and Connecticut were included as the Massachusetts Bay Colony for the English! And settled in the info a successful attempt because New England they wanted, a community garden and New! Penalty was added eleven ships that brought Puritans to Massachusetts carrying over a thousand.. Were sold into slavery 1675 until 1678, King Phillip ’ s and... Persecution, organised a charter Company and its colonists were mainly Puritans information as i am doing a for... A Native-American saying “ Come over and help us. ” a small group Puritan! The territories of Massachusetts Bay Colony the eleven ships that brought Puritans to Massachusetts carrying a. As the Devil: a Study of town Boundaries 2008.Corbett, Michael and Julia,... Over and help us. ” sources of economy for the first settlements of Puritans from England was... Control of England at the time Did little to respond to this move be taught to read and write to... I, M. Richardson, 1765.Moe, Barbara a charter was issued and themselves... Lumber trades, quickly got started included establishing religious laws, discriminating Anglicans! Puritans left England for North America nourished on deer meat, this thriving wolf population was unfortunately discerning... Several towns and settlements were founded by the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 by a of. ‘ persistent economic localism ’ a customary, and quite fertile, Puritan value. ” Province.