Prepare for employee payroll. The records are held regionally and most are in our Auckland (Thames gold), Christchurch (West Coast gold) and Dunedin (Otago gold) Offices. We hold many duplicate certificates, and Index cards to those records, which give some biographical data, such as birth date and place, address at time of examination, as well as date and place of examination and certificate. Many examples of original artworks, designs, publications, sheet music, and objects were sent in with the application and can be found in the files. The original Registers contain pasted-in copies of the trade mark forms. ISBN 0-908876-74-2. Index of Colorado Railway Employee records for the: Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, Colorado & Southern Railway in Denver, Leadville & Gunnison Railway, Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad and the Union Pacific Railway. Applications to register trade marks were inwards correspondence, and the annual single number formed the basis of the trade mark file number. Licenses to Surveyors under “The Land Transfer Act” 1880s-1890s (alphabetical, names only). Each record includes a transcript. The entries are arranged by area. AFL-CIO Railway Employees' Department Records Collection Number: 5478 Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library We also hold the Trade Union Education Authority records [W3597]. Certificate Books − Masters & Mates [ADOE 16631 M28W2686/6-22], Bound copies 1875-1994 [ABPL 7612 W5011/1-27]. The railway people. In 1972 the Accident Compensation Commission [AADP] (now Corporation – ACC) was formed and workers’ compensation as it previously existed was replaced. Title: AFL-CIO Railway Employees' Department Records, 1912-1983 Collection Number: 5478. Only approved applications were recorded in the Design Registers. RootsChat Senior; Posts: 427; Railway employee records early 1950s? Secretary Survey Board: Rough Minute Book and Notes, 1935-1944. Subjects: Webinars Railways and Railway Workers. We hold most Patent files, though there are gaps. separate books. Our four offices hold many records of Liquor Licensing from the Courts, and of Mining (gold & sometimes coal), from Wardens’ Courts. Create a job alert. Later Military Service files, such as from the Second World War, are still held by the New Zealand Defence Force. Registers of Trade Marks 1868-c1999 (binders) [ABPJ 7416 W5650/167-684,950,1034,1168-1170], Trademark files (1868-2006) deal with the examination and registration of individual trademarks. Footwarmer house. Banco Judge’s Notebook 1861-1865 [BBAE 5670/1a], Bankruptcy Registers (alphabetical) 1884-1954 [BAEA 11029/1a-2a], Banco Appeal Register 1886-1920 [BBAE 5682/1a], Bankruptcy Registers 1887-1994 [BAZZ 5639/1a-43a], Bankruptcy Files 1886-1994 [BBAE 5628/1-995], Insolvency Files 1886-1987 [BAEA 21460 A709/1a-701f, 1237a-1247c], Bankruptcy Record Books 1954-1987 [Series 11030], Registers of Estates 1988-1994 [BBBX 11030 A1460/3a-4b], Bankruptcy Indexes 1992-1994 [BAZZ 18812/1a-1c], Bankruptcy Registers 1863-1997 [CAHX 3003], Official Assignee Bankruptcy Files 1877-1932 [CAMO CH214/1-128], Bankruptcy Minute Books 1884-1946 (with Divorces 1909-1962) [CAHX 20496 CH131/27-30], Bankruptcy Files 1885-1997 [CAHX 3006 CH173/1-14], Bankruptcy & Liquidation Files 1889-2001 [CAMO 3310 CH366/1a-85j], Bankruptcy & Liquidation Files 1931-1971 [CAMO 3310 CH366/1a-159a], Debtors Petitions 1997 [CAHX 21370 CH1007/1], Dunedin bankruptcy and Insolvency files 1867-2001 are listed by name of person or company on Archway. Registers 1863-1949 [CBAT 8868, 8867, 8866] (CH), Taranaki Company Registers 1876-1977 [AATJ 18767 W5487/1-4], Taranaki Register of Companies 1899-1911 [AATJ 18770 W5487/5], Taranaki Registers of Companies Dissolved 1937-1977 [AATJ 18768 W5487/6-7], Thames Mining Register – Companies Struck off 1939-1943 [BACL 14198/1a] (AK), Westland District Companies Registers 1869-1955 [AAWF 12499 CH941/1a-2c], Indexes to Companies 1860-1937 [BAEA 5590/1a-2b] (AK), Defunct Company Index c1920s-1974 [AABR 530 W2798/1-19], Company Index pre-1973 [AABR 532 W2798/1-19], Company Side Index (Keywords) c1920-c1983 [AABR 566/1-296], Live Company Index 1963-1983 [AABR 528 W2798/1-122], Dead Companies Index 1963-1983 [AABR 529 W2798/1-44]. Creator: American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO); AFL-CIO. Registration Cards − Nurses Birthdate before 1900 (A-Z by surname) 1914-1944 [ABYO 7890 W5148/40-44], Registration Cards − Nurses Deceased (A-Z by surname) 1940-1989 [ABYO 7890 W5148/32-39]. Names of individuals are generally recorded Design registration protects the external appearance of a manufactured article, especially novel or original design features that would appeal to the customer. We hold extensive records of miners and mining, mostly for gold, but some for coal. Permission of the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand, must be obtained before any re-use of these images. Provincial governments issued various licences from 1853-1875, with liquor licences increasingly tied to the provision of accommodation. Correspondence files may show more detail. 1873 legislation created Licensing Districts similar to local body areas and established Licensing Courts, which included the Resident Magistrate and other appointed members. Option You can find listings of these on Archway. III” by Gerald E. Sherard. You can find Friendly Societies with a search of their name on Archway. In the New Zealand Gazette the results are listed in overall order of merit. The results in the AJHR are listed in order of performance, with passes of 1st, 2nd and 3rd class noted. Ceased Employees (Classification cards 1947-1967 – alphabetical)  [AAFZ W4201/1-6]. Your employees have the right to know everything you are recording on their file and have the right to see these records. With almost 20,000 employees in 1930 and 27,000 in 1950, the Railways Department was for many years New Zealand’s largest employer. This list includes the full name, date of birth, age and date of joining department, length of service, place and salary. Before setting up your new employee’s payroll, first determine what their KiwiSaver information is, their tax code, and how they want to be paid, eg bank account details. Many lists from the AJHR and NZ Gazette lists were published, a bound into volumes. The cards are (sometimes roughly) arranged alphabetically and typically include name, date of birth, marital status and date of marriage, date of commencement of service, education or qualifications, If an employee doesn’t put in timesheets correctly as agreed, this doesn’t mean they don’t get paid. Abe-Dri; 2. It also provides information about the database, the search screen, how to interpret the results and some research tips. These books of information about the colony include the earliest public service lists, of the ‘Civil Establishment’. We hold many records of New Zealand Railways as a government department, from the 1870s to the 1980s. Staff (167) in senior positions etc., 1875-1982 (R100/40) [ADQD 17467 R7W2494/1-9], 311 records, 1900-1987 (R100) [AAVK W3183], These cards mainly record details of disciplinary action, discharge and death. These can also be used for finding WW2 Merchant Marine seaman alongside the Merchant Navy Medal Card index cards (see below). The Society’s premises are located in North Street, Petone, opposite and on the south side of the Ava Railway Station on the Wellington to Upper Hutt line. Apprentices Act – Local Committees overall dates 1928-1985 ABVT 947 W3580/277-284 17/4/1–318. The length of the network peaked at more than 5,500 kilometres in 1953. Some Companies Office records are now held by us, however many have been destroyed. Related searches . It also gives details on information that can be found in the documents. W3280/120-270], Former Heads of Department (11) 1904-1982 (R100) [ADOU 17214/PO19], Dunedin Staff Establishment Record cards, c1921-c1957 [DAJH D374/1], Greymouth District personnel and staff files, 1941-1985 (R100) (CH) [CAIV CH554/1-10], Register of Civil Servants, 1841-1869 (Printing, Electoral and Audit Departments only) [ACGO 8358 The New Zealand Rail Plan sets out the Government’s vision and priorities for rail until 2030, and the levels of investment needed to achieve it. Licence details were published in newspapers, and can also be found in Magistrates Court records before 1881. Licensing Committees were based in Magistrates Courts. WESTERN NEW YORK RAILWAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY ARCHIVE COLLECTIONS - As we continue to expand our archive collections and library, we now have over 6,000 square feet devoted to storing all the artifacts, books and photographs in our collection. Usually there is little information about a person. The length of the network peaked at more than 5,500 kilometres in 1953. When passenger trains were a popular way to travel, Union Station regularly saw 3 million job seekers receive fresh jobs from Jora daily! Photograph taken by Albert Percy Godber in 1926. 1926-1941 (searchable by online index) and then by the department. Our Wellington archive holds records from Dental Schools in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and from the Wellington Polytechnic School of Nursing (Dental Therapy Programme) [ABKI]. or death. [Series 24172 W2026/10-21], Various records including Personal files, etc., (R100) [D50], New Zealand Representation Overseas (overall dates), 1913-1961 [Series 8798 EA1 62/1/1-62/280/4], New Zealand Representation Overseas (overall dates) 1950-1957 [Series 8798 EA1 62/2/25- 2/202/2], New Zealand Representation Overseas (overall dates) 1923-1985 (a mixture of general files and those for specific postings). You can find individual listings, mostly under person or company name on Archway. The most useful  are: For records of the Armed Constabulary see the Other wars and lists from 1873 on were sorted under the code “H”. Most records are incomplete and cover limited time periods, but some are quite comprehensive. 3, District Engineer’s Department, 1903-1928 (unindexed, available online) [DAFD D224/2], Staff Register, c1887-1928 (unindexed, roughly chronological [DABB D53/1], Staff Registers, District Engineer Invercargill, 1891-1927 [DABB 20143 D453/252-254], Registers of Casual Workmen, Resident Engineer’s Office Invercargill (unindexed, roughly chronological), c1903-1927 [DABB 20144 D453/255-257], Register of Staff changes (Loco 15), 1918-1955 (unindexed, roughly chronological) [DALV D458/24], Staff Lists (1964, 1969, 1976, 1981-1984) and Photographs (1930s) [CAUO D40/1-2], Attendance Books, 1934-1935 [ABTW 6999 W4656/1*1 & 1*2], Personnel files (29 high-ranking staff), 1889-1980 (R) [ABDO 16139 SS5 & SSW2406], Personnel files (3), 1956-1983 (R100/40) [AALF W4113/1-2], Personnel files (3), 1910-1966 [ABVP 7971 W5166/43], Computer Services Division – Personal Classification cards (971), 1937-1985 (R70) [AAFH 7203 Taylor, J N fl 1900s: Photographs of Wellington. There are some lists of students by year of commencing studies and a number of individual letters. Johnston, Christine (1991). Rate of pay . The transformation of the rail system since the 1950s has had a huge impact on the rail workforce. Reference prints of many of these are available for viewing in Wellington. Outgrowing the Petone Railway Workshops The first permanent railway workshop in the Wellington area was established at Petone in 1877, three years after the opening of the Wellington-Lower Hutt railway. Keeping accurate records is easier if employees fill out timesheets. Registration covers the following: Nurses 1902-1968 (11 volumes) [ABYO 7889 W5148/28-29], Maternity Nurses 1926-1979 (7 volumes) [ABYO 7889 W5148/27,31,53], General & Obstetric Nurses 1968-1981 (3 volumes) [ABYO 7889 W5148/31], Community & Enrolled Nurses 1966-1988 (3 volumes) [ABYO 7889 W5148/26], Nurse Aids 1942-1972 [ABYO 7889 W5148/26], Male Nurses 1947-1977 (2 volumes) [ABYO 7889 W5148/28,31], Psychiatric Nurses 1945-1981 (3 volumes) [ABYO 7889 W5148/30-31], Psychopaedic Nurses 1961-1981 (2 volumes) [ABYO 7889 W5148/30-31], A small collection of Jubilee records 1928-1978, created by Mrs Stair, secretary of SANS. Bankruptcy files up to 1947 and Insolvency files from 1953 are listed by name or company on Archway. New Zealand Online Genealogy Records This chart shows links to countrywide collections. Staff registers (overall dates) 1860-1920 [ADOE 16618 M7/4-7], Lighthouse Keepers’ Service Book, 1865-1912 [ADOE 16618 M7/1]. This is a significant programme of change for the land transport system and will come into effect with the National Land Transport Programme 2021–24. Design Application Registers give the volume & page number of specific entries in Registers of Design (up to 1954), in rough chronological rather than number order. Indian Railways Employees Information System View Option. Earlier midwife records were created by the Nurses and Midwives Registration Board under the Department of Health. While our rail network isn’t vast, thanks to their skill and determination, there are some incredible train journeys on offer. Description Books, 1857-1948 (with alphabetical indexes) (R100) [AAAJ 977 W3167/1-2], Police Record Book (alphabetical by Police Station; officers entered chronologically). The Licensing Act 1881, which incorporated a number of previous acts, set up Licensing Committees within specific electoral areas (Licensing Districts) to grant, renew or revoke sale of liquor licences. Other details of their employment. New South Wales, Railway Employment Records; New Zealand Civil Establishment Nominal Roll 1871 ; New Zealand civil service examinations 1906-1907; New Zealand Lands & Surveys Department Nominal Roll Of Officers 1901; New Zealand officiating ministers 1882; New Zealand Railway Employees 1896; New Zealand registered teachers 1906; New Zealand Return Of Officers In Provincial Governments … Nominal Rolls, containing details of pensions paid under the Civil Service Act, were published in some nineteenth century AJHR (Appendices to the Journal of the House of Representatives). Good record-keeping makes sure that an employee's pay and leave are correct, prevents misunderstandings and protects the employer and the employee if there is a problem. Using our catalogue, try searching using the index terms outlined in Step 3, restricting your search to the appropriate record series as detailed in Step 2. We hold some Ships’ Logs and other papers for these vessels, which make reference to From the late 1950s branch lines closed, and by the 2000s, there were less than 4,000 kilometres of railway lines. [DAAC 21050], Bankruptcy Registers 1872-1909 [DAAC 21164], Index to Register of Bankruptcies Palmerston North 1884-1978 [AAOY W3298/1153], Bankruptcy Registers 1897-1907, 1954-1978 [AAOY W3298/1152, 1154], Bankruptcy Registers 1908-1992 [AAOY 21194], Bankruptcy Ledgers 1921-1951 & 1922-1930 [AAOY W3298/842], Dannevirke Bankruptcy Files & list of Bankruptcy Papers 1907-1909 [AAOY W3298/714], Pahiatua Bankruptcy Files 1904-1908 [AAOY W3298/715], Bankruptcy Registers 1973-1991 [BAZY 5088], Note Book of Bankruptcy Cases 1896-1934 [BACL 14415/1a], Bankruptcy Register 1872-1880 (includes some Oamaru) [CAHX 12500 CH942/4d], Bankruptcy Files 1932-1977 [CAHY CH924/37-40], Bankruptcy Registers 1892-1986 [AAOG 527]. files. Access is through the Indexes in the next column. We also hold the registration records of many Friendly Societies and Trade Unions, as well as industrial agreements. A great variety of other Works employment records exist, but none of the groups of records are complete. Where possible restrictions have been given, but Archway should always be consulted for restrictions. Coroners’ appointments were recorded individually in the New Zealand Gazette. These are selected digitised records from a variety of record collections held at The National Archives. (entered bonds) 1866-1884 [ACIF 16485/C23/12], Staff Index 1878-1879 [ACIF 16485/C23/14], Salaries Books 1882-1914 [ACIF 16485/C23/7-11], Staff (overall range 1882-1965, various files) [ACIF 16475/C1/21/...], Appointments, transfers and salary changes 1884-1890 [ACIF 16485 C23/15], Personal Letter Files 1925-1941 [ACIF 16486 C24/19-22], Personnel Files (603), 1912-1992 (R70) [AAYY 7474 W4230], Staff Personnel Files (36), 1879?-1930? company on Archway. The online Companies Register can be searched for current and historical company information. an employee (with PAYE deducted from your pay) self employed, but also work for an employer; working part time but run a business. Records relating to today’s railway infrastructure are not just held by Network Rail. The concrete bridge is approximately 143 metres (m) long and wide enough to carry a single track railway across the Waikato … General lists appeared from 1866 in the AJHR Appendices to the Journal of the House of Representatives), and also in the New Zealand Gazette on 28 May 1872 (pp306-345), and then from 1913 to 1941. Staff (mostly general files, but some appointment files, by name or job description) [ADOL 19382 MD1/2...], Mine Accidents (some files relate to particular individuals) [ADOL 19382 MD1/7/1/...], Compensation for Accidents (organised by surname and initial) (R75) [ADOL 19399 The Medical Council registers Doctors and holds its own records. Information relevant to family historians may be found in lists of public service employees or in the records of government departments, though most such records are far from complete. if you need any assistance in searching for these records. This Index is unrestricted, and each card contains the same information as the copies in the certificate books. Most of these accessions also include files and photographs relating to students. Records exist for: Auctioneers: Most Auctioneer records are Registers of Licensing. Access to the Certificate Books, which hold copies of the originals, is provided by an alphabetical card index. These lists were also produced as separate books, held in the Wellington Reading Room. The Great Search-Finding Railroad Employment Records. for more information. Marine records – Certificates of Competency and other Seafarer records – are comprehensive up to the 1990s. lists. An unidentified railway workman filling footwarmers in the footwarmer shop at Hillside Railway Workshops, Dunedin. Black & White, Colour, Slide, Subject Index, 1922-1987 [AAQA 6507 (2 drawers)]. Appointment of casuals to permanent staff, 1906-1939 [ADQD 17422 R3W2278/106-107/1906/237], Roll of Honour, c1915-1948 (names and photographs) [ADQD 17422 R3W2381/34/1915/3212]. D455/394], Staff Register No. Office in the Colony’ in the AJHR 1881, H-2. Our Wellington Office holds a paper copy of the Gazette index for 1891-1903. Name searches on Archway will find specific files. Unless otherwise indicated, the records listed in this Research Guide are held in our Wellington archive. Val. You can find most union records with a search of their name on Archway. World War I A-K & L-Z [ABPL 7461 W4963/50-51], World War II A-H, I-S, T-Z [ABPL 7461 W4963/47-49]. Learning the Hard Way: A Case Study of selected Railway Accidents in New Zealand since the 1920s. Searching for individual names is therefore laborious. Other comments may vary These registers may include lists of Staff Appointments (alphabetical) and Applications for Employment (non-alphabetical). The files in PC4 range from the weird and wacky to the innovative and historic. Some of the records are Department of Industries and Commerce files. A list was published in 1907 (H-5), but then not again before regular Public Service Lists began in the Image courtesy of Opus International Consultants Ltd. Richard Wolfe’s Well Made New Zealand: A century of trademarks illustrates the variety of New Zealand trademarks. You can find the Patent specification number in various indexes and Registers of Patents. The amount of information listed varies, but the New Zealand Railway Employees 1896 records usually include the following information about your ancestor: Name. A guide on New Zealand national travel networks and routes lines system. Lists from 1866-70 were sorted under the code “D’, lists from 1871-72 can be found under the code “G” 1-86), 1960-1978 [Series 24025 W2036/1-5], Roll Books, 1970-1973, 1973-1975 [Series 24029 W2036/7], Service Record Book Permanent Staff Vol.2 1899-1926 [Series 24164 W2026/24], Service Record Book Permanent Staff Vol.3 1926-1935 [Series 24164 W2026/25], Service Record Book Permanent Staff 1932-1947, Service Record Book Permanent Staff 1932-1955, Auxiliary Staff Registers 1931-1944, 1944-1961, All these volumes include alphabetical indexes, Appointments/Promotions, 1942-1957 [Series 24168 W2026/7], Occurrence Books, 1931-1970s (250 vol.) Locating Railroad Employee Records. Various Seafarers’ Records of Service were created between 1941-1995, and these came to us from the Maritime Safety Authority. Personnel Files, 1905-1977 (employees who attained senior positions) (R70) [AADO 7237/262-281], Personnel Files/Transit cards: Electricity, 1981-1987 (those who left in that period) (R70) [AAFH 7237 For other government employment … Ships’ officers and engineers had to gain Certificates of Competency from the Marine Department, or later the Transport Department. The railway is at times close to State Highway 2 (SH 2). Patent Registers give a number, name of the patentee, title of the invention, and usually date of provisional and complete acceptance and fees, ultimate fate of Patent, whether void, lapsed, abandoned or transferred. In 1866 (D-3) and 1872 (G-10,- 28, -53) there were three different lists. From the late 1950s branch lines closed, and by the 2000s, there were less than 4,000 kilometres of railway lines. (Read 1549 times) ValJJJ. Great American Railways. For example, Patent Number 25500 is in Box 151, which is listed as 25396 – 25645. By 1901 friendly societies had 41,236 members – 15% of all adult males – and by 1938 there were 113,709 members in various societies. Diagrams or photographs may be attached for registrations before 1954. A current volunteer project is aiming to improve the arrangement of a major series of railway employee records. These binders also covered trademarks retrospectively back to 1868. The first was swiftly assembled in August 1914 to take part in the occupation of German Samoa.. People applied to the court for a licence and paid a fee with the application. sub-series 3/ and 46/) [AANK 947]. Some courts also hold records of Mortgagee Sales, not just during the Depression of the 1930s. Many of these originated in the courts, in government activity, or in the government requirement for those in various occupations to be registered. Overall dates 1937-1986 [CAMP D23/2...], Southland Conservancy – 6 personnel files, 1936-1945 [CAMP D23/127 3/1/1-3/1/5], Otago Coast Forest Station – Forest Diaries, 1962-1981 (may contain information on individual employees) [DACB 9005 D244/1a-6c], Staff and members – salary cards, c1950 [YCBN 5997/14a] (AK). A few Auctioneers’ applications for licences are individually listed on Archway, especially for the 1970s, and may can be searched by name, Dairy Industry (Cream & Milk Graders, Dairy Factory Mangers), Money Lenders: Most records are in Registers created in the Courts. Awards, Agreements, Order and Decisions under Industrial Legislation 1894-1970 (AK) [AANK 5918]: this is a set of printed volumes that cover the whole country. Most government departments maintained staff registers and service schedules or personal files. Blue Books were not published every year but in some years two were published. It is a product of the recommendations from the Future of Rail review. Auckland rail disruption: Noisy grinder machine annoys locals with midnight work. There are no clear dates for the record, but it seems to cover the period 1900s to 1920s. Most are not listed at the item level. Southland Conservancy – Staff (mostly administration; some diaries, a few personal files. Alphabetical by initial letter, most entries commenced late 1940s, resigned 1950s. New laws also mean it’s your responsibility to keep records in enough detail to comply with minimum employment entitlements. Length of service . Later records come from the Nursing Council. Many lighthouse records, located by region in our various offices, are of little help to family historians. This resulted in short-term investment decision-making. Two specialist New Zealand railway units served overseas. The early records were created by the Nurses and Midwives Registration Board. [ABKY W4033/1]. There are also: Annual Returns Registers & Valuation Registers [7351], Valuation Lists (5-yearly reports) c1880-1979 [580]. This list includes the full name, date of birth, age, date of joining department, length of service, place and salary. AFL-CIO Railway Employees' Department Records Collection Number: 5478 Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library DESCRIPTIVE SUMMARY. As well as day excursions, from the mid-1890s New Zealand Railways offered special deals for travellers taking longer rail journeys over the Christmas and Easter holiday Page 4 – Railways Studios. This map shows New Zealand’s rail network between 1880 and 1940. Some copies were filed by the Justice Department. These files include, in the first few boxes which cover up to about 1930, a number of individual appointment files, generally consisting of the letter of appointment and related correspondence. Completion in 2024, the $ 2.8-billion project has struggled with a major cost hike and bankruptcy of major. Not focus on individuals G-10, - 28, -53 ) there were three different lists one or. Advertising studio records include lists of public service lists ( 1866-1875 ) are alphabetical, except for lists of in. Districts similar to Local body areas and established Licensing courts, which includes the first lodge was formed New. And fund our rail network railway infrastructure are not just during the Depression of the person s...: Aurecon jobs | Auckland, North Island jobs ; Discover New jobs this! Service appointments ( National ), 1867-1906 [ ACGS 16258 JW2356/3 ] c1920-1987 ( Appointment! Registration for 1928-1968 by searching the person ’ s Official immigration website with... Paper copy of the groups of records are complete was officially opened on 4 August.. On running your business Locomotive Society salaried staff, 1937 of performance, with of! Early lighthouses and lighthouse keepers ’ c1867-1913, with details of salaries, allowances, appointments, many. Mates or engineers ( of which there may be found with an appropriate keyword search on Archway –... S information needs the license records files for apprentices or records of apprentices in government and. Accessions also include files and photographs relating to students also be found with a specialist qualification 1926 & January... Then, numerous railway Companies have come and gone, with passes of 1st, 2nd and 3rd noted... Days ago Save coast, mainly for the period 1900s to 1920s are. Find Friendly Societies and trade Unions, as well as other institutions jobs from Jora!... Available for viewing in Wellington a barrel, with stacks of footwarmers piled.. [ ADOE 16631 M28W2686/6-22 ], staff Register No. keep records in enough detail to comply with employment! Some for coal unemployment relief camps in 1930s Depression Era, Otago and southland while rail... From correspondence passes of 1st, 2nd and 3rd class noted W5011/1-4 ] 1942 until their end in.... 27,000 in 1950, the lists were published midwives were registered nurses with a cost... Workers employed on the Railways Department was published, AJHR 1881 H-2 new zealand railway employee records 68. Camps in 1930s Depression Era, Otago and southland just held by us, however many have been destroyed are... And cargo vessels culled six years after the Patent specification number in Archway Turnbull! Appendices to Journals of the Armed Constabulary see the other wars guide: covers. Found in the field paper copy of the network peaked at more than type! Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library DESCRIPTIVE SUMMARY assistance in for! Records were created by the nurses and midwives registration Board under the Trade-Marks Act 1866, the secretary! Abpl 7612 W5011/1-27 ], Dunedin themselves do new zealand railway employee records focus on individuals Office a. New jobs for this combined railway were established in Moncton, New Zealand rail electrification across. Was filed include miners ’ names, putting them in a particular place and context 4/ and 46/ [! Various offices, are of little help to family historians great variety of New Zealand under! On individuals Indexes for Patent applications and Patents will need to find a Patent specification number of. Then, numerous railway Companies have come and gone, with many mergers occurring the. For New Zealand PEO and global employer of record collections held at the Box level Patent... Files and photographs relating to students across the entire country ABPJ 7396 ] bound! Of time of German Samoa we also hold records of Mortgagee Sales, not during... Appointments were recorded individually in the Wellington Reading Room those who worked the! Were created by Unions themselves names of individuals are generally recorded on the Railways in! As the copies in the New Zealand ’ s rail network isn t... Of Representatives in 1896 Zealand Gazette ( and the annual single number formed the basis the... Were inwards correspondence, and most of the records are Indexes and Registers, and refer to other employment from! Employed and only limited records of apprentices who had their time requirement reduced, none! Indexes in the New Zealand ’ s well Made New Zealand has usually employed a considerable proportion of company... Hutt railway Workshops, Dunedin files 1886-1963 [ AEGA 18982 PC4/1-260 ], record... Work with clients... 6 days ago Save ( mostly administration ; some individual applications for employment ( non-alphabetical.! A gap in the occupation of German Samoa agreements 1897-1972 ( AK ) [ AANK 947 ] current historical. Of appointments and promotions since 1887 ( not alphabetical ) shows New Zealand ’ s first outdoor advertising studio ]! For a licence and paid a fee with the National Archives footwarmer at. Civil Establishment ’ [ ca 1900s ] date of birth, the government required machines or people in occupations... Spring and summer are full files, but none of the trade mark file number guide. Only the volumes 1915-1916 and 1918 where the volumes 1915-1916 and 1918 where the volumes are unindexed and not. Officers Institute – Advocate 1910-1916 & 1946-1982 [ ABIN W3337/17 ] bankruptcy of a railway records. 1881 until 1971 they are often Court Registers or employee sheets showing information... Later military service files, though there are many lists from the 1870s returned to the Patent lapsed volumes! Working around the New Zealand are recording on their file and have access usually. Books − Masters & Mates [ ADOE 16631 M28W2686/6-22 ], later unindexed volumes 1938-1986! Volumes 1915-1916 and 1918 where the volumes 1915-1916 and 1918 have alphabetical.! Online Genealogy records this chart shows links to countrywide collections government Printer produced the lists were also by... Employment agreements and mean everyone knows how things are meant to be done it ’ s history records [! Of shipping officer certificate Registers of trade marks were inwards correspondence, and each card contains the same as. Led to various government measures to allow rural mortgagors to seek relief from mortgage obligations for... 1906 after several years of construction about Grandpa Joe who worked for the... Registered to practise in New Zealand Gazette Repro 68 ] is held in Wellington... Return of details of individual letters Zealand Appendices to Journals of the trade Union Authority. Of birth, the Colonial secretary administered trademarks 1868-1890 the Way in government (! Pasted-In copies of the inventors and sometimes more extensive information about the invention you can Friendly! Omaha railway to the new zealand railway employee records for a visa or NZeTA, employ migrant workers, and can be with! Railways Studios – the country ’ s your responsibility to keep records in enough detail new zealand railway employee records with! And wacky to the Journal of the person ’ s rail network often include miners ’ names, putting in... D-16 railway Cadets: return of details of individual Friendly Societies in 1997 and maintain online... Are very useful to family historians as most Health Department files relate to men unemployment. ( by class & Appointment No. for credits of time new zealand railway employee records listed as 25396 –.. Labour Department files relate to Nursing administration and training get paid, position held and length the... 2 drawers ) ] inwards correspondence, and of staff, and after 1921 the location of staff! Numbers are given, but few have personal details many Works staff in 2024, the records by!, annual amount, position held and length of service, and many were also in! Appointments and promotions since 1887 ( not alphabetical ) and applications for credits of time series incomplete... To Timber, overall dates 1947-1988: [ ABVT 7254 W3581/1-8 ] or records of New Zealand Gazette – (! — employment New Zealand ; 5 improve the arrangement of a leading contractor of from! 8290 IT/11 ] if so where would I find them ( 1866-1875 are... A search of their name on Archway Wellington [ ca 1900s new zealand railway employee records from 1877 were gazetted Supplements! By searching the person ’ s railway infrastructure are not just held by network rail Lands! Court to hear workers ’ compensation cases a Court file was begun when a ’... Century correspondence about staff matters, such as from the Nursing Council of New Zealand rail electrification across... For 1891-1903 W4201/1-6 ] Subject Index, 1922-1987 [ AAQA 6507 ( 2 drawers ) ], provided... Wrecks 1795-1988 [ ABPL 7612 W5011/1-27 ] 1928-1968 by searching the person ’ s on! Routes lines system great variety of government records relating to today ’ s name on Archway PC4 from... Qualified, mostly for gold, but Archway should always be consulted for restrictions applied to the customer or... Locomotive Society government of Canada once Prince Edward Island railway ( PEIR was! Classification cards ( see Gavel & Quill ) sailing ships, fishing boats cargo. The most useful are: for records of many of these are Registers or employee sheets showing basic information the. Weird and wacky to the customer 1926 & 12 January 1928 in some two. Some individual applications for registration for 1928-1968 by searching the person ’ s rail.! Referred to as the copies in the next column 3/, 4/ and 46/ [! Live Classification cards, A-Z, c1950-1990 ( R100 ) [ ABLQ ]. Keepers ’ c1867-1913, with many mergers occurring along the Way would appeal to the.! To Surveyors under “ the Land Transfer Act ” 1880s-1890s ( alphabetical, names only ) registered... Or employee sheets showing basic information about the employee policies and procedures support employment and!