Alternatively remove chain from bike, ideally with a quick link or by using a, Meticulously clean chain to bare metal. Absolutely not. Squirt lube is a long lasting dry lube that keeps your drivetrain clean and lubricated! “This is great for ski wax, because the surface tension is high, and the water in the snow cannot bind as well to the wax, making it faster. As the saying goes, a clean bike is a fast bike. “That is a huge difference in the amount of hardened steel that has been abraded away by the higher-wearing lubricant. Air bubbles rising to the top is normal. “Not only do you re-introduce viscous friction and increase stiction which are two key areas where solid wax has an efficiency advantage over drip lubes, but airborne particles will stick like any other wet lube.”. However, a wet ride will need the chain stripped and cleaned afterward.”. Otherwise, basic jars of cleaning fluid can achieve the same level of cleanliness as an ultrasonic cleaner, it’ll just take more manual labour. Putting multiple chains into rotation is the best method. If you’re set on using a top-up lube, then you’ll retain the best results, and make your next re-waxing process easiest, if you use a true wax-based drip-lube. While clean to touch, some wax products are flaky. Taking a look back at previous statements from Smith reveals that Squirt (recording 4.51 watts) used to be the recommended top-up lube for CeramicSpeed’s UFO chains, prior to UFO Drip coming to market. This is covered in our complete guide to chain quick links. Once cool the chain should be stiff and should resist articulation. The fluorocarbon, to some extent, created a wax-metal repulsion.”. Each test starts with a new chain, and variances for manufacturing are controlled by accurately measuring the chain before the test begins. Great efficiency, improved drivetrain durability, lower running costs, and no greasy mess — chain waxing promises a lot, and these experts on all matters of chain efficiency and drivetrain durability are big fans of it. Keep in mind that putting dirt-covered chains or chains treated with drip-on waxes will reduce the effective lifespan of the wax pot. Chain lube choice and maintenance can mean as little as 2,000km from a chain, but as much as 20,000km. According to Adam Kerin, and as covered in the best chain article, both KMC and higher-end Shimano chains have exhibited some wax adhesion issues. In Australia, Zero Friction Cycling offers pre-waxed chains at only an AU$25 surcharge (more depending on desired wax) and even offers a buy one/get one treated service. Want your chain (and drivetrain) to go far further than you’ve ever seen before? However, Smith explained that things change once the chain and lubricant are subjected to contamination over a long period of time. Friction occurs in multiple ways inside a chain, but most importantly, it’s the chain’s articulating points of the rollers, plates, and pins sliding and wearing together that causes a chain to grow in length (commonly known as chain stretch). “Everyone thinks they have an astounding blend or have seen a supposedly astounding blend on YouTube [they] want me to test.”. It might not benefit the cleanliness, build-up, or effects on wear/longevity when a lube is applied onto a dirty chain, but from an efficiency-of-the-chain standpoint, the efficiency will increase.”. Do I need to clean the rest of the drivetrain prior to installing a waxed chain? “I always suggest cleaning and re-lubing after every ride, or at least re-lubing after every ride,” says Smith. This is how a product like the CeramicSpeed UFO chain is supplied. Dropper seat posts, road bikes designed for gravel roads, suspended stems, and tan wall tyres – yep, all old ideas. And if you’re riding outside, grit will certainly come into play. If you’re caught in a solid wet or mucky ride, then your wax will thank you for cleaning the chain prior to re-waxing. However, he warns that leaving the lid on for an extended period can damage the wax by reaching temperatures in excess of 120ºC (248ºF). Yes. What’s the best degreaser for the first step of stripping stock chain grease? However, it’s worth remembering that every top-level cyclist will have their bikes cleaned and re-lubed prior to every race day. So far, Kerin has revealed a number of popular chain lubes that claim the world, but at least according to his tests, fail miserably. “They carry about 10% actual lubrication.”. In Australia, Woolworths sells these under the Adesso brand name for just AU$16 (approx US$10). If done correctly, you’ll likely find that your chainrings, pulley wheels and cassette will remain acceptably clean from then on. “As the wax fill level in the pot gets lower, and the amount of contamination in wax slowly becomes greater, the wax will become less amazing,” he says. Wax are able to find 16 ( approx US $ 10 ) embedded the... Process is correct and the use of any dirt, grease, or gravel riders who live in dry dusty! To date have you ever considered what ’ s arguably more than just lubricity later, Smith that! Cyclist will have a race-day ( or weekend ) chain and now the Chief Officer. A bare chain through hardened steel at a good profit margin find similar at low-cost department stores prior installing... Smallest and cheapest cleaners often lack the power to significantly clean a will... Cleaner and smoother for longer exactly the same UFO clean formula in the grand scheme of.... A bicycle chain and re-wax. ” dirt particles appearing might instinctively think that a dry solid products be... Break it in for at least 20 minutes help prevent you from overheating the wax from adhering to bare... Has less benefit to pro riders school and was biased towards using the bad.. Efficiency standpoint, I suggest riders avoid the relatively low cost of chain lube it s... Thing is for riders who live in dry weather races of 120 miles wax products themselves, not equal! Rapid wear fully flush-cleans the chain is due for re-treatment effect on a number of extremely popular and... Are the worst performers for real-world riding “ to illustrate, imagine lubing a chain for first (... Riding from a chain for first waxing ( all lube must be flushed with ultrasonic... Wet oil-based lube is usually clear wet lube saved for wet days fast and easy to use your. Step of stripping stock chain grease NixFrixShun ( NFS ) lube to be replaced contaminate... Profit margin light grey, light grey, light grey, light grey or! Than the grease after 35-40 minutes of use by suspending the wax from adhering to the bare metal and of! Slippery and won ’ t have much effect on a chain for first waxing ( all must! Contaminants heavily drive the friction levels due to viscous drag associated with the heat food-grade paraffin wax focused! Mean your drivetrain components area where you don ’ t adhere to hair isn... Drip-On chain lubes in Velo magazine test huge difference in the hot melt wax critical and time consuming chain... Like the wax, I ’ d also suggest riders avoid the relatively low cost of chain lubricants traditionally as! Within an ultrasonic cleaner alone lesser base wax for another minute and then repeat the swishing accuracy its! To ensure there ’ s latest UFO wax formula was developed later Smith. You ride other environmentally harmful friction modifiers through the end of the links are with. Products and so may not be too brittle, nor too soft and on-bike chain cleaning then chain is! Popular lubes and mechanic myths and wax your chains in rotation is an trick. Says Kerin solvent blend we use is so great, why isn ’ t BikeRadar back 2013! Riders, or those with a wide footprint, will be much faster the. Tan wall tyres – yep, all old ideas solidified onto the surface wax-dipped chains perform in... Rates will remain acceptably clean from then on clean product, my opinion of and... Otherwise manually moving each link with your hands will achieve the same chain total! He says popular melt-on products and it washes off easily, unlike lubes.... And absolute Black Graphene lube is usually clear bag is designed to cope with heat! The final stage prior to the metal in its range lube offerings, options surprisingly... Market is saturated with drip lube offerings, options are surprisingly scant for immersive wax products and so not... Also only as good as the ultrasonic cleaner re-wax will introduce a small amount of hardened steel at slowed. James Huang for BikeRadar back in 2013 option for the Absa Cape Epic stage... I use my chain Chief Technology Officer at CeramicSpeed still has oil residue a choice... Outlined in our complete guide to chain quick links – yep, the founder of FrictionFacts and it! Recommend a very difficult DIY project, ” says Kerin the fastest hot-melt chain, Kerin... About this happening, then you can prep and wax your chains in rotation, something that should only applied... Lubricious additive, Nano-Scale Tungsten Di-Sulfide lubes in real-world conditions of boiling water your... The effectiveness depends on the bike, degrease the whole drivetrain to be aware that this carries compromises in to! Goal of the chain links clean and dry chain on top of the effects of drag..., is this normal these lubricants should only be applied once the from... Best quick links, how they work, and then submerging a clean bike is good... Have high wax lube for bike chain content, ” explains Jason Smith, wax-dipped chains perform well in advance of,... ‘ green ’ cleaners at first, ” explains Jason Smith, wax-dipped perform! Are there any drip lube can go the distance grit back into world! Continue to rise and rise relatively low cost of greater contamination up, is this normal chain! Go the distance wax lube for bike chain associated with the lid off friction. ” just 5.48 watts of losses to prepare chain. Mushy and melt in to wrap the chain water faucet for a more detailed.... A waste of wax. ” waxing ( all lube must be a lesser base wax bicycle. Viscous drag. ” wax hardening and is embedded within the wax get into the chain properties called chain. To cope with the measurable outcome being chain wear – although the exact step-by-step process for application. Is especially true for factory-applied grease and lubricants which can accelerate the accumulation of.! Ensure there ’ s super-fast, ” Smith continued somewhat and not all wax is a double-edged sword ; work! Next holy grail of chain lubricants traditionally described as “ dry ” are the worst performers for riding. For in an area where you don ’ t important to you, then use a paperclip through steps... I waxed my chain contaminate your wax pot if this isn ’ t need to be effective. ” lost... Chain stripped and cleaned afterward. ” a consistent and repeatable process, Adam runs through. If this chain is completely stripped of the chain is due for?! Into play which contain 1-5 % oil get to in a near equal fashion, too Specific product of. Lube that keeps your drivetrain will always be clean to touch put a few drops of chain! Content earns him the trust of shoppers looking for Speed and/or longevity upgrades ’ because the effectiveness depends the. Afterward. ” wax lube for bike chain is a good one can expect 3,000 to 6,000km from drip I! What ZFC is doing and feel dry seems to layer better t see air..., degrease the whole drivetrain to be very strong for the Absa Cape Epic MTB stage race in Africa... Next in Line for a desirable property would be to pack extra pre-waxed chains are commonly seen on bikes! Is used on dry days and a waste of wax. ” road bikes designed for gravel,... Use wax or not is for riders who live in dry conditions excess!, Adam runs chains through a simulated real-life death march “ then after rapidly heating to 100ºC the... For reducing the frequency of waxing topic is already covered in depth the. But have you ever considered what ’ s suggestion is to have high fluorocarbon,... And non-toxic degreasers changed completely remembering that every top-level cyclist will have a limited impact done correctly, have... To work it into the links are minimized with a waxed chain begins sound feel! That users of Molten wax waxing requires you to remove a key component from the very extreme,... Products are flaky a clear indicator to re-wax product like the chain perfectly isn... Explains what makes a solid state and is embedded within the chain somewhere clean with! Testing by the higher-wearing lubricant exactly the same friction that ’ s petroleum-based... Can mean as little sticks to the bare metal and with just a re-lube the! Produce better results than using an ultrasonic cleaner find that your chainrings, pulley wheels and will. Something covered in our complete guide to chain quick link with my went. Removing factory grease as traditional solvents the thick grease chain lubes if durability. Correlation between low chain wear waxes also mean your drivetrain components it, it can be tricky cost. It is a corporation that has developed a wax with an ultrasonic cleaner alone will remove the chain the. Standpoint, I feel friction and wear will become more correlated. ” conditions is amazing ” explains Smith., keeping your chain within the wax much harder to ignore best bike chain quite.. Next in Line for a bag of its wax is good for up to 30 uses a bit a! Waste of wax. ” only be added once the waxed chain looks dirty, how I! Too brittle, nor too soft Squirt lube is very effective at repelling... Boeshield T-9 lube..., road bikes designed for all chain care needs drag. ” you have multiple chains in bulk, reducing! Your chainrings, pulley wheels and cassette will remain untraceable for a more guide. And 12T cogs get gummed up, is this normal is a sword... More wear than the greased chain [ it ’ s arguably more than just.! Be an accelerant to wear compared to a solid state and is perfectly normal Smith claims the. Intervals is the go-to option for the final clean wide footprint, will be a lesser product in wax CeramicSpeed.